2011+ 2 Stroke Pro Fuel Tank

Ergonomically designed 3.1 gallon fuel tank to take full advantage of the superior handling characteristics of the newest generation of KTMs. No more top heavy feeling, no more sacrificing handling for added fuel capacity. This tank is as slim through the knees as a stock SX/SXF tank. Uses stock petcock/Fuel Pump and shroud mounts. This tank will fit all 2011 and newer XCF/XCFW/XCW/EXCF EFI models, all 2013 and newer SXF EFI models and 2011 and newer 2 Stroke XC/SX carburetor models. For 350/450/500 EXCF the tank will not fit with the evap cannister, and 250/350 EXCF/XCFW models using stock thermostat require shortening of 2 thermostat hoses or removal of the thermostat. Our tanks will work with the KTM OEM Fan Kit. This tank will no longer work with 2011 - 2012 SXF EFI models. Comes ready for your quick fill receiver, this tank DOES NOT COME WITH A QUICK FILL RECEIVER! TANK DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY FUEL PUMP MODIFICATIONS! Feel free to contact us for further questions.
2011+ 2 Stroke Pro Fuel Tank
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Price $325.00